Ignite 4 videos are up!

Check it out at http://igniteshow.com/events/ignite-ann-arbor-4, forward to friends and vote for your favorites. There’s a linked up program in the left sidebar with other speaker information.

Thanks to everyone who made Ignite possible, from the organizers to the speakers and the sponsors and the audience. You’re grrrrrreat!!

And thanks to Jim Deakins for taking some great photos, will post a link shortly.

We Love Data

Here is the attendee data from Eventbrite.

It’s interesting to note that only 268 of the 500 RSVPs are from Ann Arbor proper. We’re considering doing away with RSVPs entirely for next time. Because it’s a free event, the attrition rate is pretty high, there are a lot of no-shows, and twitter is awash with people saying they wished they could come but couldn’t get a ticket. We always try to make it clear that walk-ups will get in, but it seems there are still a lot of people who stay home because they didn’t get on the RSVP list. Therefore, we might just seat on a first-come first-served basis next time. Comments welcome.

Run-through with Toastmasters

We had a round of run-throughs today with some of the speakers for next week, and some representatives of Washtenaw Toastmasters. Tony, Jim, Bill and Kirk provided some great feedback and encouragement, and did it with a grace that I found very empowering. I think the speakers really enjoyed the opportunity, and I know I learned a lot myself just listening in.

Washtenaw Toastmasters meet every Thursday at WCC, and after getting a taste of the guidance available there I’m encouraged to check out a meeting. We thank them for their support for Ignite.

Ignite 4 Program and RSVP

We’re really excited to announce the Ignite Ann Arbor 4 program! Please RSVP at Eventbrite to reserve your seat.

The Story Collider: Science and Storytelling
Brian Wecht
Peering into Reality and Listening to Neurons
Timothy Marzullo@
Moving Toward a World of Open
Emily Rodgers@
Barefoot Running
Nayan Hajratwala@
Let’s Get Dense
Kristen Schleick – @
Do Breadboards Dream of Electric Jam?
Alex Glowaski
Evolving for Fun and Profit: The Genetic Algorithm
Theodore Belding@
Folding Things
Matthew Shlian@

INTERMISSION – Music by Juice!

The Future of Freeform Radio in an On Demand World
Andrew King
My Journey with Insects … Bugs … and Terrestrial Arthropods In General
Megan Torrance@
Roller Derby in Ann Arbor
Samantha deGeus@
Woodward: A Great American City Hidden in Plain Site
Andrew Basile@
Having a Great Time in Bed
Erik Hofer – @
What can you do in 54 hours?
Nancy Xiao@
A Brief History of Exponential Growth
Jonathan Cohen
I Pass Gas Out my Bunghole
Patti Smith@

Post-Party at The Blue Leprechaun!

Don’t forget to RSVP at Eventbrite to reserve your seat.

Ignite 4 Call for Speakers

The sun is rising over the fields and groves of Ann Arbor, and your steed is restless. The time has come once again, to ride onto the stage, and deliver a 5 minute talk with 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds on a topic you are passionate about. Who will rise to the challenge?

Ignite Ann Arbor 4 will be held at Blau Auditorium, Ross School of Business, at 7pm on October 12th. This is your chance to inform your neighbors about something awesome. This is your chance to hack the Ignite format and do something remarkable. What can an Ignite talk be? A call to action? A travelogue? A confession? A play? It’s up to you.

Check out some popular talks to get the idea juice flowing.

The Call for Speakers is up, fill out our form to submit your talk proposal!

Application Deadline is 11:59pm, Wednesday, September 15th

Speaker Selection by Friday, September 17th
Slide submission deadline: Monday October 4th
Ignite 4: October 12th