Ignite 3 Program

How to Kill a Mastodon
Jim Gilligan – primitive1_at_chartermi.net
Food Here Now
Jeff McCabe – panchobush_at_gmail.com
Natural dyes: The movement towards smaller, slower, & sustainable
Kim Demick – kimdemick_at_gmail.com
Movies by Radio!
Suzanne Fischer – @publichistorian – suzannef_at_thehenryford.org
Welcome to Lunch
Edward Vielmetti – @vielmetti – edward.vielmetti_at_gmail.com
Keeping it Simple … Beating the big guys at building EVs
John Harding – john_at_currentmotor.com
A2 Fiber. A Faster 5-Minute Talk.
Derek Mehraban – derek.mehraban_at_gmail.com
Running with Lasers
Mike Gould – mgould_at_mondodyne.com


Building the World’s Most Popular College Football Blog
Brian Cook – @mgoblog – mgoblog_at_gmail.com
Hardcore Parkour!
Matthew Oishi – kenjirooishi_at_gmail.com
The Singularity is Near
Anthony Oliver – @anthony_oliver – email_at_anthonyoliver.net
Home Funerals: Caring for your own dead
Merilynne Rush – msh.rush_at_gmail.com
An Introduction to British Slang
Darren Landrum – @dmlandrum – dmlandrum_at_gmail.com
Massive Molecular Bandwidth, Naturally
Alexander Honkala – @ToasterSunshine – Alexander.Honkala_at_gmail.com
Leave Some for the Fish
Elizabeth Riggs – eriggs_at_hrwc.org
Bolognese: You’re Doing it Wrong!
David Zuidema – dczuidema_at_gmail.com

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