Ignite 10 Program

We’re thrilled to announce our program for Ignite Ann Arbor 10!

Ignite will be Fri Nov 13 in Robertson Auditorium, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, and is free to attend. Please RSVP!

Peering Towards the Beginning of Time with the Hubble Space Telescope
Keren Sharon 
Tinder and Urban UX design
Rachel Jaffe@racheljaffe13
Elizabeth Ann Gray 
I am the Commuting Pope: Transportation Sins and Salvation
Nancy Shore@getdowntown
The theory and practice of going from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur
Steven Sherman@shermanfarms
From the Depths of AADL… The Secret Lab!
Anne Drozd@secretlab
Why Your Street Should Have Its Own Newspaper
Lucy Tobier 

Everybody Trolls Sometimes
Lindsay Blackwell@linguangst
Changing The Way Fashionistas Pay It Forward: Making Them Give Back Even If They Don’t Want To
Jordette Singleton@ShopUnitedFront
Your World, Crushed Flat
Ry4an Brase@ry4an
Love and Lost Hair- In Inside Look at Healing From Cancer
Michelle Massey Barnes@mmbimagery
Crowd-sourcing your Job Interview
Suleman Diwan@sulemandiwan
Unequal Justice for All
Vanessa Cheris@vcheris
Where There’s a Will….How to Enjoy Shakespeare
Nan Bauer@nanettesfeast.com

Ignite 9 Program

Please RSVP at igniteannarbor.eventbrite.com – admission is free

Friday Nov 7, 2014 – 7pm

Take Back Date Night: Redefining Dinner and a Movie
Nan Bauer@nanettesfeast
I Wanna Fly You
Jim Gilligan
Day of the Triffids or Day of Reckoning?
Kirsti Ashworth
Fugget about it – The Right to Be Forgotten
Kevin Norris@BeGuidedAccordingly
Acoustic Imaging of Cells & Tissues
Frank Winterroth
Bareknuckle Democracy
Mary Morgan@MaryA2Chronicle
The Gamified Classroom: Inspiring Consumers to Create
Nate Aschenbach & David Arditti@gamestartschool
Making Brewster: Building a laser lightshow projector into a beer keg
Mike Gould


Violin Monster@ViolinMonster
RP: The Cruelest Eye Disease
Patti Smith@TeacherPatti
Instead of College Debt?
Jennifer Shikes Haines@jenshaines
Jack of All Trades, Master of None
Jack Dean@jackp_dean
Using Water Wisely: Olla Irrigation Updated
Linda Diane Feldt@lindadianefeldt
Taking Time to Nurture Passion
Jennifer Bond @TeamBond
Place(deuce)-Making: Leveraging the Arts for Ann Arbor
Omari Rush@RushOmari

Ignite 7 Program

We’re excited to announce the Ignite Ann Arbor 7 program for Thursday October 25th!

Register to attend Ignite 7 at Eventbrite now

You can follow our speakers quickly from this twitter list.

How to Fly an Airplane (in 60 seconds)
Andy Fowler@andyfowler
Awesome New World
Greg Austic@austiclabs
Dynamic Design: The Wild World of Japanese Movie Posters
Jeremy Wheeler@JeremyWheeler
Five Ways to Figure Out if Your Startup is the Next Google
Maya Ben Ari
Put ‘Em Up: Home Food Preservation
Cynthia Hodges@momskitchen
My Duty as a Mature Adult (haha I said “duty”)
Steve Schwartz@jangosteve
Introducing… iBus
Don Kline@DonDoesIt
Brian Ralph Short@andessurvivor

— I N T E R M I S S I O N —

Lucid Dreaming: Questioning Reality
Miheer Sapre
Speaking Up
Annie Wolock@a2annie
Tactile Comics
Adam Kempa@adamkempa
Hacking Education: How Hackers are Helping the Next Generation
Dana Nelson@DanaHeibai
Are You The Next Mad Men?
Evelyn Chou@evyfindstheway
Publish Early, Publish Often
Kevin Dangoor@dangoor
Scrubbed: Space, Florida, Disappointment.
Peter Baker@ptrbkr
Spread the Warmth, Save Lives
Grace Hsia@GoGettingGrace
Power and Change through Burlesque
Evelyn Hollenshead@thetickledfancy

Ignite 5 Program

The preliminary Ignite 5 Program is now available!

Ignite 5 will be held February 9th at 7pm during Global Ignite Week at Blau Auditorium. Register now!

We had 34 great submissions and it was *very* difficult putting the program together. Talks are selected by the Ignite organizers with the goal of creating a diverse, but balanced program of talks of general interest to the community that can complement each other.

Some former Ignite speakers have applied multiple times with multiple ideas before finding the right fit amongst a cohort of serendipitously complementary talks, and we rely on people in the community stepping up to the mic and telling us about their passions. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to apply for the next Ignite!

Ignite 4 Program and RSVP

We’re really excited to announce the Ignite Ann Arbor 4 program! Please RSVP at Eventbrite to reserve your seat.

The Story Collider: Science and Storytelling
Brian Wecht
Peering into Reality and Listening to Neurons
Timothy Marzullo@
Moving Toward a World of Open
Emily Rodgers@
Barefoot Running
Nayan Hajratwala@
Let’s Get Dense
Kristen Schleick – @
Do Breadboards Dream of Electric Jam?
Alex Glowaski
Evolving for Fun and Profit: The Genetic Algorithm
Theodore Belding@
Folding Things
Matthew Shlian@

INTERMISSION – Music by Juice!

The Future of Freeform Radio in an On Demand World
Andrew King
My Journey with Insects … Bugs … and Terrestrial Arthropods In General
Megan Torrance@
Roller Derby in Ann Arbor
Samantha deGeus@
Woodward: A Great American City Hidden in Plain Site
Andrew Basile@
Having a Great Time in Bed
Erik Hofer – @
What can you do in 54 hours?
Nancy Xiao@
A Brief History of Exponential Growth
Jonathan Cohen
I Pass Gas Out my Bunghole
Patti Smith@

Post-Party at The Blue Leprechaun!

Don’t forget to RSVP at Eventbrite to reserve your seat.

Ignite 3 Program!

Ignite 3 is 7pm March 4th – RSVP Today!

How to Kill a Mastodon
Jim Gilligan – primitive1_at_chartermi.net
Food Here Now
Jeff McCabe – panchobush_at_gmail.com
Natural dyes: The movement towards smaller, slower, & sustainable
Kim Demick – kimdemick_at_gmail.com
Movies by Radio!
Suzanne Fischer – @publichistorian – suzannef_at_thehenryford.org
Welcome to Lunch
Edward Vielmetti – @vielmetti – edward.vielmetti_at_gmail.com
Keeping it Simple … Beating the big guys at building EVs
John Harding – john_at_currentmotor.com
Why Your Representative is Obsolete
James Borda – james_at_mopedog.com
A2 Fiber. A Faster 5-Minute Talk.
Derek Mehraban – derek.mehraban_at_gmail.com
Running with Lasers
Mike Gould – mgould_at_mondodyne.com


Building the World’s Most Popular College Football Blog
Brian Cook – @mgoblog – mgoblog_at_gmail.com
Hardcore Parkour!
Matthew Oishi – kenjirooishi_at_gmail.com
The Singularity is Near
Anthony Oliver – @anthony_oliver – email_at_anthonyoliver.net
Home Funerals: Caring for your own dead
Merilynne Rush – msh.rush_at_gmail.com
An Introduction to British Slang
Darren Landrum – @dmlandrum – dmlandrum_at_gmail.com
Massive Molecular Bandwidth, Naturally
Alexander Honkala – @ToasterSunshine – Alexander.Honkala_at_gmail.com
Leave Some for the Fish
Elizabeth Riggs – eriggs_at_hrwc.org
Bolognese: You’re Doing it Wrong!
David Zuidema – dczuidema_at_gmail.com