Ignite 7 Program

We’re excited to announce the Ignite Ann Arbor 7 program for Thursday October 25th!

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You can follow our speakers quickly from this twitter list.

How to Fly an Airplane (in 60 seconds)
Andy Fowler@andyfowler
Awesome New World
Greg Austic@austiclabs
Dynamic Design: The Wild World of Japanese Movie Posters
Jeremy Wheeler@JeremyWheeler
Five Ways to Figure Out if Your Startup is the Next Google
Maya Ben Ari
Put ‘Em Up: Home Food Preservation
Cynthia Hodges@momskitchen
My Duty as a Mature Adult (haha I said “duty”)
Steve Schwartz@jangosteve
Introducing… iBus
Don Kline@DonDoesIt
Brian Ralph Short@andessurvivor

— I N T E R M I S S I O N —

Lucid Dreaming: Questioning Reality
Miheer Sapre
Speaking Up
Annie Wolock@a2annie
Tactile Comics
Adam Kempa@adamkempa
Hacking Education: How Hackers are Helping the Next Generation
Dana Nelson@DanaHeibai
Are You The Next Mad Men?
Evelyn Chou@evyfindstheway
Publish Early, Publish Often
Kevin Dangoor@dangoor
Scrubbed: Space, Florida, Disappointment.
Peter Baker@ptrbkr
Spread the Warmth, Save Lives
Grace Hsia@GoGettingGrace
Power and Change through Burlesque
Evelyn Hollenshead@thetickledfancy