We Love Data

Here is the attendee data from Eventbrite.

It’s interesting to note that only 268 of the 500 RSVPs are from Ann Arbor proper. We’re considering doing away with RSVPs entirely for next time. Because it’s a free event, the attrition rate is pretty high, there are a lot of no-shows, and twitter is awash with people saying they wished they could come but couldn’t get a ticket. We always try to make it clear that walk-ups will get in, but it seems there are still a lot of people who stay home because they didn’t get on the RSVP list. Therefore, we might just seat on a first-come first-served basis next time. Comments welcome.

1 thought on “We Love Data

  1. My vote is to keep the reserved seating, just charge $1/ticket. Less attrition, and A2Geeks can invest in some extra lapel mics or an additional video camera (so you can do some fancy editing with the presentations before posting to YouTube). Or just buy beer with it!

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