Ignite 7 Live Stream

Live Program Updates at @ignitea2 – Show begins at 7pm Eastern Time

Front Row View

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Screen View

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You can play both at once, and mute the sound on one. One will have control room audio, one will have camera audio. The slide view should have the best audio, from the control room.

How to Fly an Airplane (in 60 seconds)
Andy Fowler – @andyfowler
Awesome New World
Greg Austic – @austiclabs
Dynamic Design: The Wild World of Japanese Movie Posters
Jeremy Wheeler – @JeremyWheeler
Five Ways to Figure Out if Your Startup is the Next Google
Maya Ben Ari
Put ‘Em Up: Home Food Preservation
Cynthia Hodges – @momskitchen
My Duty as a Mature Adult (haha I said “duty”)
Steve Schwartz – @jangosteve
Introducing… iBus
Don Kline – @DonDoesIt
Brian Ralph Short – @andessurvivor

– I N T E R M I S S I O N –

Lucid Dreaming: Questioning Reality
Miheer Sapre
Speaking Up
Annie Wolock – @a2annie
Tactile Comics
Adam Kempa – @adamkempa
Hacking Education: How Hackers are Helping the Next Generation
Dana Nelson – @DanaHeibai
Are You The Next Mad Men?
Evelyn Chou – @evyfindstheway
Publish Early, Publish Often
Kevin Dangoor – @dangoor
Scrubbed: Space, Florida, Disappointment
Peter Baker – @ptrbkr
Spread the Warmth, Save Lives
Grace Hsia – @GoGettingGrace
Power and Change through Burlesque
Evelyn Hollenshead – @thetickledfancy

Thanks to our Wonderful Sponsors!

We really appreciate your support! UM Center For Entrepreneurship has been a long time supporter. Duo Security is a local startup providing easy two-factor authentication as a service. The Michigan Masters of Entrepreneurship Program has generously provided Blau Auditorium for Ignite. Washtenaw Toastmasters provided speaking guidance and coaching at our run through sessions that was very helpful to our speakers!