Ignite 1 Talks

We’re sorry that the video started part way through Eli’s talk and ran out of batteries before the last three. We’ll do better next time!

Eli Neiburger : Hack your Library

Matt Oishi: Neutral Zone teen and electronic music whiz

Dianne Marsh : Under-representation of Women in Computer Science: Why I care and why you should too

Aydin Akcasu : Wii Will Wii Will Rock You! !! !!!

James Deakins : Playing with balloons. How to make a near space balloon that collects data while it travels.

Stefanie Murray : What’s up with news in this town? Evolution of The Ann Arbor News and what’s next

Zach Steindler : Expensive Camping Gear? DIY!

– Short Break –

Brad Boegler : Real-time NOAA weather satellite imagery reception from home

Laura Fisher : Keeping Things in Balance: Classic Visual Ratios

Bob Stack : Technical co-working. Economy, synergy and friendship

Kyle Mulka : The Many Uses of Twitter

Eric Jankowski : Why every second you spend not playing Go is wasted

Dave Askins : The Ann Arbor Chronicle — An Origin Story

John Barrie : The Appropriate Technology Collaborative – How to end poverty using clean, green technology.

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