Ignite 6 Program

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Improvisation and Meditation Go to College
Ed Sarath@
Stirling – The Little Engine That Can
Tim Sefton
Humans and Cold: A Love Story
Nick Helmholdt
Life Lessons of Texas Hold Em
Lindsay Allen – @
Electric Power to the Person
Craig Toepfer
Living in a multilingual world
Jinny Bromberg @
Hiring local, selling global
Mark Shalinsky


Music by The Outliers!

Heavy Metal: A truly under appreciated artform
Anthony Oliver@
Get your learn on
Ann Arbor Free Skool@
You don’t pay enough for food.
Robo Robb@
Pun-nish your Friends
Adam Goodman – @
The Birth and Death of a Solar Electron
Dave Strenski
Data Entry, Coffee Dripping, and other things as Interesting as Watching Paint Dry
Jackie Cohen
You Are An Experimental Film
Donald Harrison@