Ignite 8 2013-11-17

  • You can RSVP for a few more hours.  If you didn’t register don’t worry about it, we take walk ups! Come on down to Ignite!
  • We’re keeping an eye on the weather, hopefully it blows through before 7pm.
  • Follow the conversation on twitter #ignitea2
  • Follow @ignitea2 !

Live Stream:


Every Home Should Have a Turret
Gyll Stanford –
What is an artist book? . . . and why I can’t tell you
Annette Haines –
Not Your Grand-Daddy’s Conlang
Ed Cormany - @ecormany
Yes I can… the right answer to most questions.
Chuck Bultman –
Artist in the Wilderness
Leslie Sobel –
A Free Market for Michigan Tech Talent?
David Blanchard –
Do It Together: Community Bicycle Repair in Ann Arbor
Benjamin Schultz - @common_cycle
How I Lost My Cynicism Without Losing My F*cking Edge
Jensie Wight Simkins - @jensie_simkins


Elementary Students Generate Clean, Renewable Electricity from Junk
George Albercook - @albercook
Your Devil, or Deity (if you have one), might be in the Small Data
Jackie Cohen - @jczetta
It Wasn’t My Fault!
David Bloom - @factotem
Confessions of an Elder-in-Training
Jeanne Mackey –
Life as a Digital Nomad
David Sickmiller - @davidsickmiller
The Terawatt Problem or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Sun
Steven Sherman –
The Cat Lady Learns to Fly
Elizabeth Skene - @elizabethskene
Make Your Own Booze (without Going Blind)
David Erik Nelson - @SquiDaveo



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